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How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing departments are usually separate in many organizations. Although the separation of services is important, it confuses organizations. Among the many programs of marketing in organizations are branding, market research, advertising, product development, web content and social media. Sales persons’ main activities are usually making customer leads, qualifying the leads and also taking responsibility on the sales line.

Despite the difference in sales and marketing in scope, they share common objectives which are ensuring customer satisfaction and growing the business revenue. It is thus necessary for organizations to reduce the gap between the sales and marketing departments. For organizations to realize similar results, the two departments should work as a unit.

Below are tips that can help a business unify sales and marketing. To start with, both the sales and marketing departments ought to use a similar language. A joint agreement with the organization on what constitutes a qualified lead should get established. There happens a creation of a consensus which has important terms to focus on an organization’s marketing activities as well as a detailed customer profile. Sales teams’ efforts may end up being futile if they put their efforts on people who lack purchasing power and as a result, end up in placing the marketing team at the wrong places.
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In addition to this, organizations should invent a standard plan. The sales team interacts more with their clients and thus both the marketing and sales departments should be combined for better results. They would consider using an approach that lays out every step of the customers buying process and ideal methods of reaching out to customers and influencing their decisions.
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There should be a quantification of both activities and outcomes. Departments of sales and marketing ought to revamp their analytics and invent agreed upon metrics to assist in measuring the outcomes of the marketplaces.

Organizations could also interchange the staff in the sales and marketing departments within the two departments. Failure to understand the roles of each department may cause tension in these departments. An efficient solution to this problem could be having marketing team members to serve as sales representatives for a period. Upon doing this, the marketing department members ranging from to top executive to senior staff understand how salespeople make contacts with customers, develop leads and maintain follow-up calls in influencing buyer decision in the buying process.

It is important to emphasize on the sales representative’s depth on customer experience. Sales persons are aware on what the target market likes most. It is important that the sales representatives give the marketing department such information. Once the marketing department gets this information, it equips the sales team with all required resources.